What does the system offer you?

Single animal capture


Heat detection


Forecast of the farrowing time


More than just an ear tag!


The ear tag was designed by us for demanding use in the stable and offers a very high degree of stability and resistance.

Since the brand should accompany the animal throughout its life, longevity was in the foreground for us.

The integrated sensor system enables the body temperature to be measured as well as the movements of the animals.

The brand is made of medically tested material and is absolutely harmless in permanent skin contact.

Markendummy v5 png.png

We are constantly working on improving the design in order to reduce the loss rates of the brand to an absolute minimum.


The digital stable worker!

The BioAssistant, which we are constantly developing, is designed to support you and your employees in your daily work.

It helps you control daily operations and monitor important parameters of your barn and herd.

Above the BioScanner you can bring all functionalities safely and robustly into the barn.


IP68 - Waterproof

Shock resistant



Disposal of all functionalities!

To process the data from the BioTags, relevant areas in the barn are equipped in our BioNode.

Each BioNode can be distinguished by name, thereby automating the location of breeding animals.

Keep track of your animals at all times!

wifi (1).png

WIFI access point 

After installation you will have WIFI access throughout your stable


Integrate all functionalities into your system!


Are you a provider of management software or similar peripherals?

Integrate all our functionalities easily and quickly into your system!
Help your customers to enter a new era of digitalization.

If you are interested or have any questions about integration, please do not hesitate to contact us.